What is Content Marketing?

Traditional marketing is less effective these days when it comes to marketing to todays audience. The old method of email campaigning or cold calling is considered less effective with less conversions compared to more empathetic content delivered to a buyer. Content that speaks to the buyers problems and concerns addresses their needs more and connects well with an audience. Company Creatives thrives on providing businesses with the right content to attract the right audience engagement with their business. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. In a typical buyers journey, a person who engages with your preferred channel of marketing will be drawn in by independent thought leadership content - content that is unbiased, doesn't try to sell you anything and is not tied in any way to the seller. This is a more passive, less aggressive approach to a buyer, as its says to buyer "i understand your subject, and i empathize on the challenges you are facing". Other types of content relate to mid or bottom of funnel, where the buyer has gained interest in your service or product. Here, you have earned the trust of your audience, and now they are taking further steps to engage with the services or products you are providing. Mid funnel content typically addresses the problems outlined earlier in a top of funnel content by offering a solution to the problem. Finally, bottom of funnel content is tied more to enablement of sales, where you are providing content to support sales in demonstrating credibility or the solution as it ties to the buyer. Typically such content can been case studies, or testimonial videos for example.

At Company Creatives we understand content strategy very well and have established a marketing team to help you and augment marketing within your organization. We understand the importance of content and how it relates to the buyers journey. Check out the list of services we provide.